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I’ve been thinking of writing about Columbia’s First Church of Christ, Scientist for a while now; I’ve visited the church twice this summer and have spoken with members of the congregation about upcoming events. But I’d rather do something less newsy, and more thematic.

What would people reading this blog and/or the Missourian like to see for coverage in this area?

I was thinking of looking into some of the stereotypes associated with the faith (mainly, a dissociation with anything medical) and getting a view from congregants of the validity of these views. Would this interest any readers?

Thanks for your help!


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Beginning Sunday, March 8, the Eastside Church of Christ will host a series of lectures on the topic of “What it Means to Live for Christ.” The week long lectures are led by Robert Harkrider, who has served the South Bumby church in Orlando, Florida since 1986. Below is a list of the dates, times, and topics that will be discussed.

The discussions schedule From Sunday March 8- Friday March 13, 2009 :

March 8 at 10 a.m.  A Sin Often Overlooked
March 8 at 11 a.m.  Here Am I, Send Me
March 8 at 6 p.m.  Speaking Where the Bible Speaks

March 9 at 7 p.m.  Jeremiah, You Lied

March 10 at 7 p.m.  Amazing Grace

March 11 at 7 p.m.  How To Enjoy Being A Christian

March 12 at 7 p.m.  They Loved Not Their Lives (Revelation 12)

March 13 at 7 p.m.  The Burden Of A Guilty Conscience

All lectures will take place at the Eastside Church of Christ, located at 5051 Ponderosa Street in Columbia. Log onto the Church’s website for more information; http://www.eastsidechurchofchrist.net.

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It took the Rev. Emmanuel Hatzidakis nearly 20 years to find himself studying theology and training to be a priest in the Orthodox Christian Church. But it took much less time for him to start a second career writing. His first book, “The Heavenly Banquet” explains the Divine Liturgy, a crucial element of worship services.
Read more about Hatzidakis and his book, and hear him talk about St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Church.

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Oregon court says archdiocese’s responsibility is limited

Internet Congregation Responds in Many Voices

Plano may face lawsuit after denying pastor’s request to hold prayer meeting

Outrage over cartoons still trying for Danes

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I know this is old news but the wealth of knowledge that can come from the study on religion in the U.S. conducted by Pew Forum is simply remarkable. If you haven’t checked this out yet, I strongly encourage you to give it a read. The study is completely interactive and easy to access and use.

Click here.

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Beliefnet blogger Rod Dreher gives his take on whether Silda Spitzer, wife of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer should stay with him. He gives a five-point breakdown on the soon-to-be former governor’s marital situation.

This is one of Beliefnet’s top stories.

As most of the western world know, this story has been a hot topic on all forms of media, with 24-hour television news networks bringing in relationship “experts” to comment.

With this in mind,

Should a high profile religion Web site be analyzing and debating the marital status of an embattled politician and his wife?


Is does the Clintonesqe argument that “scrutiny is the price to pay for putting oneself in the public eye” apply in this case?

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I will be introducing a new function called “Reporter’s Notebook” as part of our coverage of the Social Networking Symposim soon.

In the post, I will give detailed commentary and facts and figures that the speakers brought up that might be helpful for the reader looking for more in-depth coverage. Basically, you get some of the highlights from my notebook that may not have made it into the story.

As with any new technique, this is an experiment. I will need your help in deciding whether the information is pertinent and helpful. So let me know if you see something that you would like more information about. Post a comment asking for more details and I will find what you’re looking for and update the site accordingly.

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The vice-president of social networking at Beliefnet.com, a faith and spirituality Web site, will be speaking as part of a free symposium from 1 – 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12 in Memorial Union’s Wrench Auditorium at MU.

Rebecca Phillips of Beliefnet will join other speakers in discussing the role of social-networking Web sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Phillips was previously Beliefnet’s assistant managing editor and has had her work published in Newsweek, The Dallas Morning News and other print and broadcast media.

Beliefnet, recently acquired by News Corp, is a Web site dedicated to a wide range of media that cover multiple faiths and beliefs.

Click here for more event info.

Click here or on our blogroll for Beliefnet.com.

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Last week the Maneater, a student publication at MU, reported that an ATM in Brady Commons owned by Bank of America was improperly distributing money to its customers and that students were taking advantage of this problem to snag some quick cash.

The machine was giving out $20 bills instead of $10 bills when customers withdrew from their accounts, doubling the amount they received while not debiting their accounts for the extra funds.

According to the story, a line quickly formed upon discovery of the problem with students waiting as much as 40 minutes to get extra money. Many students involved said they didn’t think they were stealing.

This episode begs the question, not only of “Where do you draw the line on what is considered stealing and what is not?”, but if so many people noticed the problem, why didn’t anyone do anything to stop those who were stealing?

What do you think of this? Click here to read the story. Let us know.

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A study conducted by UCLA and reported by Pew Forum found that students become more spiritual in college. The study finds that students begin to look for meaning in their life while they are in the college. Pew Forum sat down for a Q and A with Alexander W. Astin, a researcher on the study.

Spirituality has to do with the students’ search for meaning and purpose, with their values development and with their self-understanding. Spirituality is primarily an interior quality, so most of our spirituality measures have to do with values, attitudes and beliefs. – Alexander W. Astin, courtesy Pew Forum

Click here to view.

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