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Here’s some headlines on faith from around the world.

219 children, women taken from sect’s ranch

Authorities search for more kids at Texas ranch

Research explores what 1.3 billion Muslims think

How Would Jesus Choose?

The Episcopal Property War

Civil Rights Groups Seeing Gradual End of Their Era

The story behind the Dalai Lama’s visit to Seattle

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Many religious and academic groups have responded to Sen. Obama’s call for a racial dialogue.

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Oregon court says archdiocese’s responsibility is limited

Internet Congregation Responds in Many Voices

Plano may face lawsuit after denying pastor’s request to hold prayer meeting

Outrage over cartoons still trying for Danes

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I know this is old news but the wealth of knowledge that can come from the study on religion in the U.S. conducted by Pew Forum is simply remarkable. If you haven’t checked this out yet, I strongly encourage you to give it a read. The study is completely interactive and easy to access and use.

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Mike Huckabee at Columbia College Thursday, March 13.

Mike Huckabee made his first public speaking appearance since discontinuing his run for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night at Columbia College. The former Ark. governor and Southern Baptist minister said that John McCain doesn’t have any obligation to pick him as his running-mate, as reported by the Missourian.

Huckabee spoke on making healthy choices by avoiding processed foods and the drive-thru menu. He described his own struggle with obesity and high blood sugar and his subsequent 110-pound weight loss.

“Five years ago there was 110 pounds more of me,” he said, adding that he used to have a difficult time climbing stairs. He decided to make a radical change in his lifestyle when his doctor told him his blood sugar was high enough to diagnose him with type II diabetes and he was probably in the last decade of his life.

“My response was, ‘You know, maybe we need a different exit strategy,’” he said, prompting laughter from the audience.

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A Washington Post story looks at an evangelical college that is housed in the Empire State Building.

You may wonder who moves to Manhattan as an undergraduate and spends Saturday night parsing the words of a theologian. Here’s a guess: no one except the students of the King’s College, an evangelical college located in the Empire State Building.

New York City’s racy reputation is what attracted he college to move to its Manhattan location.

Moving to the iconic heart of the bluest city in the country was precisely the point for the overseers of the King’s, who moved the institution here from a village in Westchester County, N.Y., in 1999, after financial woes closed the school in the mid-’90s. (An evangelical organization, the Campus Crusade for Christ, helped revive it.)

“What the King’s College is doing is a beautiful illustration of what Christ did,” student David Lapp says. “He came into the muck and mire of this world, and he lived among men and lived in a real place, Nazareth. So that’s fundamentally what we as Christ’s followers are to do as well: go into those places where there is real hurt, real sin, and live among them and strive to live the way of Christ.”

Manhattan’s unsavoriness, it seems, is part of the King’s pitch to prospective students. The goal isn’t exactly to rescue the place. But if casual conversations with the legions of godless residents veer to matters of faith, the wholesome-looking, Book-of-Matthew-quoting undergrads of the King’s — 220 of them, from 11 countries and 37 states — will share the Good News, albeit gingerly.

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Beliefnet blogger Rod Dreher gives his take on whether Silda Spitzer, wife of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer should stay with him. He gives a five-point breakdown on the soon-to-be former governor’s marital situation.

This is one of Beliefnet’s top stories.

As most of the western world know, this story has been a hot topic on all forms of media, with 24-hour television news networks bringing in relationship “experts” to comment.

With this in mind,

Should a high profile religion Web site be analyzing and debating the marital status of an embattled politician and his wife?


Is does the Clintonesqe argument that “scrutiny is the price to pay for putting oneself in the public eye” apply in this case?

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